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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Success and Happiness

There's been quite a talk about success lately, but now what I'm going to talk about with it is something that is highly associated with it. 


For one, people whose income provides them what they need, or have high status in society are typically happiest. But like the argument about egg and chicken (by the way, chicken is the answer to the million dollar question), which one really comes first? Happiness or success? Which is the cause, and which is the effect?

There is a general understanding that it is success that leads to happiness. It just happened it is sync with countless psychological studies which tend to discuss how success affects happiness.

Success and happiness are in one complicated way or another. But focus only on success and how it eventually leads to happiness and you take for granted half of the story. Some psychologists pointed out that happiness can come first before success.

Studies show that people in positive mood tend to:

-Engage in conversation - An important part of social relations - and social relations are very important in business and contribute to its success.

-Be more fond of leisure activities - E.g. throw a party, take a vacation, eat out. Successful people know how to balance work and play.

-Settle arguments effectively - People in a positive mood are more probable to collaborate rather than turn away from arguments and contend when they are put in a good mood.

-Assist others - People in good mood are more likely to show - as psychologists call it - "prosocial behaviour' - which means assisting others and being giving with both time and money.

- Perceive themselves to be more healthy.

- Be more imaginative - People in a good mood are more prone to think with flexibility and originality. As you all know, success in enterprising starts with an innovative business idea.

-Take on complex projects better. There is some evidence that supports this finding but it likely depends upon the nature of task.

-Ascribe success to their abilities- Positive moods, in general, improves people's confidence in their own abilities.

 Keep in mind that happiness isn't the only factor involved in success. But it is true that how we perceive happiness and success has significances for how we drive our lives. Feeling good in the moment is not only "good," but also tends to let our minds see every opportunity - whether at work, play, or in our relationships. Feeling good lets we recognize opportunities - opportunities that will direct us to the path of success.

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