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Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 5 Most Influential People Online

For all the talk about how the Internet levels the playing field and brings about anybody the opportunity to turn out to be an influence in society and business, several of those who are mainly influential have been around for a long time, and a few from the beginning.  Whether they are creative bloggers or heads of major corporations, a couple of people stand out as extremely influential, and they help “lead” the Internet to a large degree through their innovative business ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg -
It should be no surprise to find Mark Zuckerberg at the top of the list, with his placement by Time Magazine as 2010’s Person of the Year.  Whichever site that boasts over 500 million users, as Facebook does, is going to be extremely influential, and as Founder and CEO of Facebook, a lot of that influence falls to Zuckerberg.  Every time Facebook makes a move, the web is abuzz and bloggers are sure to discuss it.  That’s influence.

Larry Page -
Once you co-found and run a company whose name has turn into a normally used verb, you certainly have influence.  Google is, of course, the most popular search engine, but it’s so much more.  From ad profits to email users to cell phone operating system rollouts, Google has broken all the records, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  To a large extent, as Google goes, so goes the Internet, and that makes Larry Page extremely influential.

Steve Jobs - Apple
It’s hard to envision a world without Apple products in it, and that’s why Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, is extremely influential.  Apple has modified the way we interact online.  From the iPhone and iPad to iTunes, millions use Apple products online every day.  Once Jobs publicize a new product launching, it’s almost as if the Earth stands still in anticipation.  Everyone holds on your next word?  Yeah, that’s influential.

Matt Mullenweg -
For altering the face of the Internet, the prize has to go to Matt Mullenweg, the developer and founder of WordPress.  Numerous websites run on this open source blogging platform which has turn synonymous with blogging.  A few of the mainly visited sites online are WordPress sites, counting,, and - so the guy who made it all probable must be influential!

Arianna Huffington - has turn out to be the go-to site for millions of people searching news and commentary on everything from politics and world events to entertainment and green living. Even before AOL agreed to purchase Arianna Huffington’s company for $315 million, the site attained 25 million unique visitors per month. Once the acquirement is complete, the collective reach of the company will be over 270 million people worldwide.  As Arianna will stay behind as President and Editor in chief, her influence will remain strong and will carry on rising.

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