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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

9 Keys to an Effective Logo

The correct logo, with the correct features, and the correct innovative business ideas will advance your visibility, credibility and memorability which signifies to a greater extent of business for you!

These features comprise:

Consistency in use of your logo, tagline, materials. Repetition of similar elements, utilized in the same or similar ways, helps people to recall who you are and what you do.

Memorability. It should be memorable so that your logo stays at the head of your probable clients' minds. That way, they'll think of you next time they have a need.

Meaningfulness. It should be meaningful so that your logo can spread out the meaning about the distinguishing characteristics of your business.

Uniqueness, which helps you stand out from the crowd. For instance, if everybody in your industry uses a particular character (i.e., travel agencies often use globes in their logos), aim to make use of something else ­ that way, your logo doesn't just look like everybody else's.

Professionalism, in the superiority of the graphics, the printing and the paper on which your materials are published.

Timelessness in your logo will guarantee that you don't have to redesign your logo in just a couple of years and that your investment and equity in your design will be lasting.

Differentiation between the colors in your logo ­ and not just in terms of hue, however in terms of value as well, so that it transforms well either to black and white or grayscale and colorblind people are capable to see it.

Unity among the different elements in the logo. The logo should fit mutually as a single unit, and not just emerge as a clutter of elements pasted together.

Scalability, so that your logo looks similarly good on both a business card and on a sign for your business (or a billboard!), and at every size in between. Your business's name must be readable at different logo sizes. ­ Make sure that your artist picks out a font that is effortlessly readable.

Getting a professionally designed logo can in truth give your business a jumpstart and helps your business acquire the attention ­and clients­ you require to succeed.

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