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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Steps to Thought Leadership

Almost all companies prefer to be identified as thought leaders. Those few companies that do not understand how this positioning goes, would positively impact their status.

These seven innovative business ideas are helpful in today's web-driven environment and have proven useful with numerous companies.


Never has the saying, "publish or perish" been more true than in today's content-driven Web 2.0 world. It's no longer about breaking up what people are doing and getting them to listen to your message; it's about having your message in front of customers' eyes precisely when they are looking for information.

The Executive Forum Blog

B2B companies often question concerning the value of blogging, and are cautious of the time commitment required and the threat of unconstructive remarks on the blog. The Executive Blog prevents these barriers by presenting individual blog postings as mini executive forums.
The Online Speaker Series

Hosting online speaking forums is an extra thought leadership maneuver that is a factor of the "Content Is King" communication universe we now inhabit. Your executive can serve as the host/moderator or as a member of the panel.
Traditional Speaking Engagements

Industry congregations and Speaking engagements at conferences are a traditional component of a thought leadership.
The Thought Leader Website

Your website is one of your company's most crucial showcases, representing the strength of your intellectual capital, your industry leadership, and your dynamic growth.

Media Relations

There are two components to media relations, both of which impart to thought leadership.

The first is the kind of activity that has traditionally been measured is "public relations" and the second is Web 2.0 activities.
Leveraging Online Social Media

Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter -- these social media tools are becoming more ubiquitous every day. If handled appropriately, these new communication channels will not only enhance existing communications, they offer access to new audiences.

These seven innovative business ideas to thought leadership in a Web 2.0 world will take you to the top spot you're looking for in terms of reputation, brand equity, and lead generation. It may be via a totally unfamiliar and different path than you could have taken five years ago, nevertheless the payoff will be an expanded online presence and the power to reach a bigger audience with even more eminent impact.

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