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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goals - Do You Have Them?

Do you organize your goals to be completed each day, week or month? If you discover to set your goals applying innovative business ideas, proper time management for you business appears to be much more integrated and essentially helps to get more work done. If you wake up with no specific aim in mind you seem to spend the day foundering around like a fish out of water.

Managing yourself with a goal every day means having a determination for your life. Without this purpose, you may find yourself dribbling time away doing ridiculous and untargeted things that can't be called 'jobs' since they don't accomplish anything for you or for anyone else.

Doing a daily job leads one towards accomplishing their weekly goal. This is why your weekly goal needs to lead towards your monthly goal. Can you remember when you were a kid and you used to play "stepping-stones" in the creek?

This is a game where you have to pick a rock that is either in place or you have to add it a stepping distance from the next one and it had to be large enough to keep your feet dry and stable enough to hold your weight so you didn't get wet. Our Mum used to get very upset when we came home wet from playing in the creek! Not because we were wet but more because we had been playing in the creek.

Nonetheless, if we set our stepping-stones correctly, we are capable to cross the creek, stay dry and avoid parental anger. The same applies to setting your goals. You’ll get very disappointed with yourself when you end a day and ask yourself "what did I actually achieve today?" By asking yourself this question often, it seems to keep you much more focused and if you have to answer "not much" to yourself, you know you have to stop and start planning. The worst thing is that there is no no-one else to blame but yourself.

This might be helpful for you to recognize what's the first job you want to do each morning. Write it down on a new dated page. Use a desk diary for an entry each day to help you to keep track of the day’s events. Even if is just a phone number or a piece of miscellaneous information that you want to remember. Rather than having 9,000 post-it notes hanging around, used a desk diary to keep everything in daily order and if you want to go back to something in three months time, you still have the information.

Through writing the monthly goal in the bottom section of the last day of the month, you can check it off as being accomplished or know what else you need to do. If something hasn't worked for you, then go and find out why.

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