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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Business Name and Branding

Importance of a Business Name

A successful branding system begins with a great name. Unless you are able to put a name to your company that will identify it, you cannot continue with making a brand. It is comparable to a newborn child, who must first be named before he or she can make their matchless characteristics. Only then can you continue with successive ways that are intended at making your mark in the market and enabling your innovative business ideas for your company development.

Making a Name

Naming a company or brand is not as simple as naming a newborn child. Certainly, numerous factors come into play such as creating a name with a good recall on the consumers, the kind of product you have in your business, its features and usage, and other benefits that consumers can experience from using it. That is just one aspect of what you need to think about when naming your product or brand.

The other end of the formula asks you to imagine yourself in the state of mind of the consumers. How is the product valuable to me? And what benefits can I get from using it? Add to that all other opposing businesses that offer the same product as you do. These are all pointers you require to check into if you want to get a share of the market and enlarge sales production.

Do’s and Don’ts

Making a business name can be puzzling occasionally, either for deficiency or overindulgence of ideas that make it hard filtering them out. Below are a few tips you should think about when naming a business:

• Prefer for unforgettable and appealing names rather than generic ones that are hard to register in the minds of the consumers.

• Never use names that virtually distinguish the product. Go for artistic ones.

• If feasible, do not use geographical names since it limits the scope of your business. However, this is an advantage if your product is connected with a given locale or affinity.

• Refrain from restrictive names to save you from trouble in the future in case you want to spread out your line of business.

• Keep them short so as to make memorable names.

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  1. A start-up business must also consider the name, label, and trademarks. Those are subject to copyrights, so you must do extensive studies to assure that you’re the only business with that name. You must also make your decision in the end, because changing it would take a lot of papers, time, and effort again.
    Mike Clark